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Don't Forget the Ranch!

Established in 1977 Schatz Crossroads is a family-owned and operated Truck Stop of legendary proportions and portions! We cater to all your local traveling and over-the-road needs!




Our Story

The Schatz story is a tale of two cities and one family with vision and grit. It began here in Minot in the early 70’s.


Get ready for the best darn meal in minot!

Thank you for visiting Schatz Crossroads. We are a family owned and operated Truck Stop that caters to all your over-the-road needs! Our restaurant is legendary for its home cooked meals and friendly portions for reasonable prices! From Diesel Fuel and light Semi-repair to Steak-and-Eggs and home-made pies… We’ve got you covered!


Grab a Gift Card

Nothing says “I Love You!” Like a Gift Card to the Truck Stop! You can set the amount and purchase them right here, online!

Everything You need for life on the Road!

Our RV Station has everything you could possibly need to keep your rig on the road and running strong! Fuel (Gas or Diesel), Water, Gas, and even a Septic Dump station! We offer full Truck service including repair and Tires! We even have a Truck Wash if you need to get those bugs off the windshield. 

grab a snack, souvenir, and a phone charger!

Our Convenience store has everything you need on your travels. We’ve got Ice cold drinks, snacks, and grab-and-go sandwiches. Need a souvenir to remember your trip through Minot? We’ve got you covered! We have everything from nicknacks to t-shirts and postcards. You’ll never forget your time at Schatz Crossroads in Minot, ND!

Watch Our Ads

We like to get real creative with our advertising. 

Don't forget the ranch!

Everyone In North Dakota knows you can put Ranch on just about anything. Watch our ad that puts that to the test!

The Best Darn Meal

What is the Best Darn Meal at Schatz Crossroads. The debate spans generations. Watch the full ad and you be the judge!

Life of a Schatz Egg

This little Egg is 1 in a Million… Literally! 

Don't worry ! you can order your food just by phone

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Hot and ready

We can have your order ready in 15 mins!

Available 6AM to MIDNIGHT

Perfect for Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner!

Customer Reviews

We have some the most loyal customers in town! But don’t take our word for it. Here are some of the thinks people have been saying about us.

Georgia Truck Driver, 22 years over the road, from Augusta Georgia. A+ greatest awesome, restaurant, friendly staff's, owner of this restaurant, she was amazing hard worker too.

Gary Lee Tiger Hagerman Jr.
Gary Lee Tiger Hagerman Jr.

Google Review

Excellent place to eat at! Food is good and the service is good! It's about the only place in Minot to get a good bite without having to worry about of a fast food lobby is going to be open or closed. You don't have waite 30 minutes in a drive thru either so I recommend this place to anyone who comes visit Minot or lives in the area

Shawn Johnson
Shawn Johnson

Google Review

The soups are the best, food is hot and fresh and we love the wait staff! So friendly and polite! This is a must stop when we travel to Minot!!!

Virginia Pantzer
Virginia Pantzer

Google Review

Not very often does my wife and I go to breakfast. Today was an exception. I’ve visited Shatz several times. Convinced her to accompany me this morning. Needless to say, as usual, the service was top notch. She doubted we could be in and out in less than 30 minutes. They proved me right. Service was excellent, food was cooked to order and it was delicious. Thanks for having my back Shatz!!!

Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards

Local Guide

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